Get paid £1,000 to eat Greggs, McDonald’s and Subway

Partial to a pasty, fan of a footlong sub or mad about McDonald’s? Then you’ll be thrilled to hear that you could get paid £1,000 to eat your favourite fast food.

Getting paid to eat McDonald’s, Greggs and Subway may sound like the perfect job to some. And now it’s possible as UK-based marketplace website is looking to hire a team of six ‘Takeaway Testers’ to work out the best fast food options for tradespeople.

As well as receiving £1,000 for their participation in the month-long role, each meal that the successful applicants consume as part of the experiment will be paid for. They will sample one of the 20 most popular meals as previously voted by tradespeople from a range of fast-food restaurants across the UK for either lunch or dinner.

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The meals that will be sampled include a Greggs Sausage and Omelette Breakfast Baguette, McDonald’s large Big Mac meal and a footlong Subway Meatball Marinara. Throughout the employment period, the successful candidate will be required to log a diary of how they feel after eating each meal, monitoring their levels of fullness, energy, productivity, sluggishness and overall satisfaction, immediately after consuming the meal and two and four hours afterwards.

The full analysis will be used to create a guide on the best meals for on the go for its community of professional and hobbyist builders. No previous qualifications or experience are required for the role; however, the marketplace has stated that hopeful applicants must be over the age of 18.

Once the employment period is over the candidate will report all findings back to the marketplace who will work with a nutritionist to look at the findings. Samuel Hunt co-founder of, told The Mirror : “If you head into your local Greggs or McDonald’s early morning or at lunchtime it’s very likely you’ll see tradesmen getting their fuel for the day.

“Although fast food has negative connotations, for tradespeople those meals are convenient fuel for them! In trade jobs you’re physically put to work and as a result, burn lots of calories, so a substantial meal is a necessity to keep you full, satisfied and energised throughout the working day.

“We’re really excited to launch this experiment. As we will work with a nutritionist on the findings, we’re looking forward to sharing the best ‘fast food’ meals to eat when on the job with our community. If you wouldn’t mind getting paid to test some of the UK’s favourite fast food, please apply now!”

People interested in becoming a ‘Takeaway Tester’ can apply for the role here. The closing date for applications is Friday 27th May 2022 and the successful candidates will be selected soon after.

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