Tipping Point fans floored as ITV contestant answers question before it’s even asked

Viewers of ITV gameshow Tipping Point were left both shocked and amazed as a contestant somehow guessed the correct answer to a question before it was read out.

As host Ben Shepherd offered a random trivia question to three brand-new hopefuls aiming to take on the coin dozer, three counters were on offer for the pick of the bunch who answered fastest.

And as Ben began reading the question: “How many vowels…” contestant Diane buzzed in with a fluke guess of ‘three’.

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The Daily Star reports that to everyone’s amazement, three was in face the correct answer, as Ben clarified the rest of the question, which stated: “How many vowels in the world superstar?” As a result, Diane landed three tokens and was able to add £600 to her total.

Fans took to social media to share their reactions, with some calling it the ‘luckiest answer ever’.

“Diane You jammy mare!” said one, while another added: ““Lucky lady! Luckiest answer ever!!”

A third penned: “Diane! Scary can you read minds??” while a fourth, chimed in: ““Diane just had the jammiest buzzer press ever on Tipping Point!” A fifth, added: “Better cover Diane in Hartley’s, because what you experienced, ladies and gentlemen, is extreme jamminess.”

Despite Diane’s luck she was beaten to the final by contestant Cara after her £1850 haul was no match for her £2150 winnings. Cara was able to land a mystery prize which included drinks and food on a bus around London.

Fans were quick to slam the prize, with one writing: “Sandwiches on the back of a London bus WOW.”

Despite being one of the most popular game shows on British TV, Tipping Point has often faced criticism for its lacklustre mystery prizes. Contestant Foluke was recently gifted a controversial mystery prize in the first round, which included a glamping holiday.

The trip included three nights in an Atlantic Surf Pod – which are eco-pods in Bude on the North Cornish coast, but it’s fair to say fans felt the player had won a rather disappointing prize for her efforts. It didn’t take long for them to flock to Twitter to roast the gift during the episode.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Very poor mystery prize for a change”, whilst a second fumed: “3 NIGHTS IN A BL**DY SHED!”

A third quipped: “Mystery prize for Foluke – glamping with Ben,” while another, sarcastically agreed: “wow..glamping.”

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub at 4pm.

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